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Melbourne Furs' Journal
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Thursday, June 18th, 2009
1:05 pm
Transformers 2 movie meet Reminder
Hey everyone,

I was wondering how many would like to see Transformers 2 on Wed 24th? ATM I'm thinking on seeing it on the day, tho I thinking that might be a bad idea. So I just wanted to see when everyone would like to see it. It will be at the Glen Waverley cinemas, so if anyone interested in coming.

I'm thinking Wednesday night for now but things might change. Please reply to me or text me if your interested.


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Wednesday, May 27th, 2009
11:09 pm
Queens Birthday - Sat 6th June
Of Birthdays and such things, our house is hosting/holding another party... A party where everyone is welcome.

Because it's Her Maj's birthday, we thought it would be nice if She shared it with Nebu, who's also havin a little shin dig of his own.. & NOW with ADDed ADD.. Who's ALSO havin his B'day...

She will have turned 83, He will be 21... So between them they have 104 years of (in)sanity...  (I don't know how old ADD is.. but by the time we add him in the three of them will be older than Savil!)

We will be partying on from about 5ish on Saturday 6th of June
Fur suits are welcome, don't be shy!!

Usual conditions - BYO drinks, and some $ for dinner.. (found a new pizza place up the road which is a little more expensive but REALLY good pizza's... )

Party till we all fall down..and then start all over again the next day..

If you need somewhere to sleep just let us know in advance.. please, as we are gonna be REALLY tight on sleeping spaces..

Cheers for now,

Lower Waverley Den & Nebu (White Mike).... (& now ADD too!!)
Wednesday, May 20th, 2009
12:08 am
Just something to do once a week
hey all it darken, I was wondering how many of you be interested in doing say once a week a bowling or laser tag night, I'm slowly getting sick of all these days off, and I've seen alot of the US furs have weekly game night, so why not us.
Poll #1402307 Weekly Bolwing or Lasertag nights

Do we want weekly games nights


Bowling or Laser Tag Nights

Bowling Nights
Laser Tag nights
none of the above.... suggest

If you have any suggesting then comment here


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Friday, April 10th, 2009
4:38 pm
Bunny Bash - 09
Just a reminder to folks... 

Kick off is about 6...
Dinner is being ordered at 7ish...
Film at 8
Party til late!!!!!

BYO - DRINKS.......
BYO - Cash for dinner.. (Pizza cost's about $8.. Pasta's are about $9 - $13 Garlic Bread is $3.. )

Let me know if you need to stay over as there are still two  spaces left...

ALSO - the addy is 27 Garwain Pde Glen Waverley... any hassles sms me on 0423 28 7272

There is a bus that runs past our street from Glen Waverley Rail Station... It's the 734 and runs till about 9pm..

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009
2:15 am
MiDFur Registration Opens This Friday (10/4/09)
WHAT: Australia’s furry convention
WHEN: December 3rd to 6th (Thursday to Sunday), 2009
WHERE: Rydges Hotel (186 Exhibition Street, Melbourne, Victoria)
WEBSITE & FORUMS: http://www.MiDFur.com.au

Greetings Melbourne!

Last year MiDFur was transformed from an annual furry meet to a full blown convention with great success. With entertaining guests of honour, a convention hall and over 230 furry attendees to hang out with and meet, MiDFur was most definitely a lot of fun. Come December 2009 we get to do it all over again – but bigger and better.

Everything that made MiDFur fun is being improved and expanded upon. This includes running twice as many events in a better venue where everything is all completely centralised. On top of this standard registration is $40 cheaper than it was last year.

Read on for details on the new convention location, accommodation and – most importantly – how to register for MiDFur XI.

MiDFur is an annual Melbourne event that has been running since 1999. When MiDFur became a convention in 2008 it was held at the Victoria Hotel. However, this year MiDFur XI will be held at an even better location: The Rydges Hotel in Melbourne (186 Exhibition Street)

We’ve upgraded from three star accommodation to five star accommodation with Rydges Melbourne. Located in the heart of the city and a ten minute walk from either Parliament Station or Flinders Station, Rydges Melbourne is the sole location of the entire convention. This means that if you have a room at Rydges you can wake up and already be at MiDFur.

We’ve negotiated a MiDFur attendee discount for the five star, two person rooms: $149 per night. This rate applies to both the two single bed rooms and the rooms with one Queen sized bed. To get this rate just mention “MiDFur” when you phone and make a booking. Note that you can only claim this discount with a phone booking.

The phone number is 1300 857 922 when calling from Australia, 0800 446 187 from New Zealand or (+61 2) 9261 4929 for overseas callers.

For more information about Rydges Melbourne, visit their website here:

There are limited places, so we encourage people to register as early as possible to secure your spot at MiDFur XI. You can register for MiDFur at the official website: www.MiDFur.com.au

These are the three different types of registration available:

Standard ($165)
This gives attendees access to all of the main events of the convention. This includes the panels, the dealers den and events such as the Gala Ball.

Under 18 ($165)
This registration gives under 18 attendees the exact same access as standard registration attendees. Even the Gala Ball will be open to all ages this year. We just ask that those under the age of 18 register as such for legal reasons; namely duty of care and to ensure that under age attendees aren’t drinking.

Gold Class ($265)
The Super Sponsor registration allows you to attend all of the events at MiDFur, with the added bonus of a dinner event prior to the main part of the Gala Ball, an exclusive t-shirt and an exclusive panel with the guests of honour. Note that the Super Sponsor registration is available for attendees of all ages.

Sure. The 100th person to register will have the nice surprise of finding that their registration is free.


Then you can purchase a day pass for MiDFur. The prices vary slightly for each day and note that day passes purchased at the door are $5 extra. The prices for pre-registered day passes are as follows:

$50 - Thursday MiDFur day pass
$60 - Friday MiDFur day pass
$40 - Saturday MiDFur day pass
$50 - Sunday MiDFur day pass

Registration opens this Friday, April 10th, 2009.

The specific times for each area are as follows:

In Victoria, New South Wales, ACT, Queensland and Tasmania:
Friday, April 10th from 9:00am

In South Australia and the Northern Territory:
Friday, April 10th from 8:30am

In Western Australia:
Friday, April 10th from 7:00am


The theme of the convention is At The Movies. In keeping with this theme we have put together a trailer and are releasing a series of poster designs that have been given the furry treatment.

The latest poster design is based on Watchmen and can be seen here:

And here is the MiDFur trailer:


MiDFur last year was a fantastic event and we hope that you’ll come along and make it a fantastic event again this year. Because for all the work done in providing an enjoyable location, events and guests – it’s the people who make a convention fun. Should you have any questions or suggestions, you can post on the MiDFur forums found at www.Forums.MiDFur.com.au
Tuesday, March 31st, 2009
8:15 pm
Bunny Bash - 09
Well the fat old lazy dog, he's been putting the plans off and thinkin' he'll send teh email out..

So here's the info's...

DATE - Saturday 11th of April.. or in other words Easter Saturday..
Start time - 5.30pm..
Dinner will be ordered at 7pm - pizza/pasta so bring your $$

Fur suits welcome..

About 8ish, we will be havin a screening of an old film that is very easter related... with bunnies and all..

Basically it's BYO drinks and $$ for dinner... There will be some supply of chocolate and chips...

If you need a place to stay PLEASE let me know as I've only got a few spaces...

x-posted on Ausfur mailing list..
Monday, March 16th, 2009
9:57 pm
Savils 18th

These are Scruff's pictures from Savil's birthday party.

I'm still trying to find the picture of her as a puppy....

Thanks need to be given for assistance to

darkentiger  (for bringing extra sausages), Scruff for the extra bread and tagert  for helpin out cleaning up..

Hopefully I will be able to get the other photo's of Red soon..

Thanks to everyone who turned up and made it a great party, rain and shine..


Friday, March 13th, 2009
10:07 pm
Birthday Party
I forgot to post here.. if anyone watches??


Sunday 15th March..  3pm on - till about 7ish

Birrarung Marr Park on the east end (near tennis centre) last BBQ..

BYO - food and drinks..

Why - It's Savil's 18th Birthday... (that's the black and grey dog in the pic!)


Monday, January 5th, 2009
8:07 pm
Now for the date!!!!!!!!!
Heya folks - again...

I just realised that I didn't put the bloody date in...



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7:55 pm
Road trip - Healesville Sanctuary
Heya folks,
Been wanting to head up to the distant Sanctuary for a little look see and thought well might as well see if any other furs want to join in..

I've put the details below for those intrested. Bus times for those with out transport...

I'm planning on being up there at 10am.. Meeting out at the front gate. I'll wait for the bus to arrive from Lilydale and then head in. Plan is to try and see the talk about Wombats at 11, birds of prey flight demo mid-day, tassie devils at 1 and hopefully the Platypus' at 1.15.. then lunch.. (bring a picnic, as I'm not sure what the food prices are like there but if it's like most other experiences of the RMZ or Werribee Park it's not gonna be cheap!) After lunch general wandering around and socialising.

Details of the Sanctuary...

Sanctuary open 9 - 5

Bus from Lillydale - 9.25 & 11.40
Bus from Healesville - 3.05, 4.05 & 5.05
(Trip takes 50 mins)..

costs - $23.60 Adults - (any body 16 over.)
           - $17.80 Adult concession
           - $11.80 15 and under


Hope to see you there...


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Monday, April 21st, 2008
6:24 pm
Movie Announcement: "The Company Of Wolves"
Hello everyone,
The Australian Centre For The Moving Image (ACMI), located in Federation Square, has some kind of film program going almost every night, at least until the end of May.
One movie I think it would be good if we all went to see is "The Company of Wolves," a little-known classic from '84. Here's an excerpt from the ACMI booklet:

"The Company of Wolves", Rated M
Directed by Neil Jordan, 95 mins, UK, 1984
Neil Jordan's reconstructed werewolf tale explores the dark, psychosexual undercurrents of the Little Red Riding Hood fairytale. Played out from the point of view of 'twelve and 3/4 years-old' Rosaleen (Sarah Patterson), it foretells the fate of all young girls who stray from the forest path (despite which, young Red simply can't resist pashing a handsome he-wolf). Jordan is an assured visual stylist who conveys the Freudian subtext of Angela Carter's gothic narrative - adapted from stories in Carter's 1979 anthology 'The Bloody Chamber' - with a heady blend of symbolism and Hammer Horror theatrics.

There are only two screenings, as this is an imported filmprint. These are on Friday 9th May or Friday 16th May, both at 10 pm.
Full price admission is $13, with concession costing $10.
We'll meet up on the night at about 9:30 pm on the steps in front of Flinder's Street Station. Perhaps after the movie, we could go for drinks at the All Nations bar on Spencer Street, just across from Southern Cross Station and down the road a bit. If there is anyone who would like to go and see this film with Amber and myself, leave a comment or drop me an email, and we can work out which screening would be more convenient.

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3:46 pm
LINE ART please view safe for work updated
Here is my latest work am having to do this for a assignment a line art drawing oif a burger, last time she said it looked too rushed so am hopping she likes it this time, it isnt finished yet but what do you think so far? please let me know as i want this to look good and her to like it seeing as i am worse in my class at drawing, and before you say the onion and tomatoe sauce is not done yet just look at bun burger cheese lettuce and seeds, plus cant add color as we are supposed to do one line art one siloettee however you spell it and one colorised version, please reply with your opinions please, thank you all in advance.

6:02 pm
[NEW] Iron Man Movie Meet Final Details
Hey furs,

So sorry if this disadvantages anyone, but I'm having to change the movie date to Sunday May 4th.  From the interest I've received, I'm hoping this will make it easier for those who work during the weekdays.  Plan will be to meet outside the ticket purchasing place at 4pm, followed after the movies with dinner at Star East (our favourite restaurant choice for furs).  For those of you who prefer not to see the movie, but would like to attend the dinner, movie is estimated to finish just after 6:45pm.  So here are the final details for the meet:

What:      Iron Man
Where:    Century City,  Glen Waverley
When:     Sunday 4th May, 4pm.
Who:       Anyone who wants to come.

Hope to see you all there!

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Friday, April 18th, 2008
10:04 pm
The Glen \ Furmeet 19th April
19 April / Roam around the Glen / Movies / Dinner

Sorry, i should of posted this way sooner, 19th April, which is tomorrow here is the times:

Option A) Meet us near the Ticket Booth at Century City Cinemas @ approx 2:40PM
Do this if u wanna roam the Glen with us.

Option B) Meet us near the Ticket Booth at Century City Cinemas @ approx 4:30PM
Do this if u wanna watch Drillbit Taylor with us. Movie Screens at 5:00PM

Option C) Meet us on our way out of the Cinemas, We will most likely be going to star east for dinner.

Hope u can be there.

Sorry again for the lateness :(

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Thursday, April 17th, 2008
8:55 pm
Iron Man - Friday Night
Hey Melb Furs, was thinking of going to see the new Iron Man movie on Friday 2nd May down at Century City Walk in Glen Waverley.  Plan will be the usual meet and see the movie and dinner afterwards.   Just looking to see the numbers interested in attending.  Will announce movie time closer to the date.

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008
11:24 pm
St Trinians - Sunday afternoon.
Ok... meet up at the glen waverley cinemas.. around about 5pm.... MOVIE STARTS at 5.20.... So will do buying of tickets at 5...

film will finish at about 7 and we will head out for FOOD stuffs.. before calling it a night...



*Edit* - This event is being held on Sunday Eventing.. the 6th of April.

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Monday, March 31st, 2008
12:25 pm
St Trinians - Sunday 6th April
Hey furs,
A few of us are planning on viewing of 'St Trinians' at Century City walk in Glen Waverley and then doing dinner afterwards...  Times to follow Wednesday!!!


Thursday, March 13th, 2008
7:51 pm
Great Bunny Bash
Saturday 22nd March
27 Garwain Pde
Glen Waverley

0423 28 7272


Yep this is the final details

Start time will be 5pm.... people can turn up from then on..
Dinner was going to be a BBQ.. but now it's gonna be take away.. I will be taking final orders and ringing by 7pm
You need to bring your own drinks.. and if you wanna bring snacks feel free but I'll have some and chocolate...

There will be some video's happening and music on the other side..  There are also plans for fursuit twister.. and maybe some other activities.. Anyways...

EVERYONE is welcome

Closest Railway station is Glen Waverley
Closest Tram is the 75 tram along Burwood Hwy

If you need to stay I think there is one bed left.. alternatively you can bring your own bedding and stay over night..

did I forget anything? I usually do.. email me..


Wednesday, March 5th, 2008
10:08 pm
Great Bunny Bash
Just to let you know I'm laying the final plans for time and details of the Great Bunny Bash..

For now the details are...

Saturday 22nd of March

Earlier start....

If you plan to sleep over let me know.. I'll only have a couple of beds...

I'm thinking an earlier start time, BBQ or some sort of thing for a SMALL donation.. (No I'm not fundraising for anything.. just to cover cost's for food!) Will advise closer to the date..


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Monday, March 3rd, 2008
12:19 pm
Bowling night this Saturday
Hey guys, just a reminder of this Saturday bowling night at Knox. It booked for 7.30pm but meet at 6 to get food beforehand at 6pm. I've booked for 20 people but looking at the list only 8 so far. So if your wanting to come, please let me know ASAP.

So far:
Myself *suiting*
Gilligan *suiting*
Byftpup *coming not bowling*
Jack Jack Rabbit
Vlad *?*
Dorian *suiting*
StickS *suiting maybe*

As some of you may know, my friend Gilligan from Perth is going to be visiting are fare city, so I thought what a good idea would be to get under way is a Bowling night for her. I think she will enjoy it and it be a good chance for her to meet some more Melb furs. So wanted to see how would be interested in going to Knox bowling alley?

Reason why here, is that they have had us before without trouble and have been really nice allowing us to fursuit and or wear furry bits. And it just Closer for few of us and for myself since no car.

When: Saturday 8th March

Time: around 6pm

Where: Cnr Adelaide St & Perth Crt, Wantima South

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